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Mozilla & Gecko clones Hooray for Mozilla. That about sums this story up. Remember all those domain names ICE keeps seizing? There are countless ways to get around these silly seizures,like using your operating system's hosts file. To make this a less cumbersome process, several Firefox extensions dot he work for you. Well, since copyright infringement is naturally a threat to the security of the United States, the Department of Homeland Security contacted Mozilla, asking them to take down one of these extensions. Mozilla declined.
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Comment by kvarbanov
by kvarbanov on Mon 9th May 2011 07:36 UTC
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Having been dealing with US authorities for a couple of years, I can certainly tell that such requests are being made all the time. It's up to you on how do you treat them. "If Google, Apple, or Microsoft had received such a request." ? They would have immediately honor it, or at least that's what the conventional wisdom says.
There's a difference between subpoena, a request, court order, etc, etc. I, as an ex security officer, have had received at least 20 requests from different law firms, none of which had solid ground for execution, so they were simply dismissed. Mozilla FTW.
Why is US always scared ? Osama is dead, right ? ;)

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