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Hardware, Embedded Systems Well-known game developer David Braben is a little bit fed up with the state of computer science education these days, which seems to have shifted away from learning programming to some sort of computer-oriented "life skills" class. As the father of eleven and nine year-old boys, I can attest that so far, despite a massive investment on the part of their school in computer equipment, their computer education has consisted mostly of "play this math game" and "don't be victimized by cyber-perverts." Braben's idea to stem this tide: a very, very cheap computer that students can learn to program on.
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RE[5]: Scope
by Spiron on Mon 9th May 2011 07:36 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Scope"
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"God knows how many excellent programmers never get to know they're excellent programmers simply because our education system doesn't cater to them.

Don't think so.
You either interested in the insides of "computer sorcery" or not.

This shouldn't be a reason not to make the base level IT a more intelligently designed class. Students of all levels need to have a greater education within the realm of IT otherwise you get our current situation where 50% of computer users don't know what a browser is or does, what an OS is and don't know how to manage their computers

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