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Apple We've had an immense hubbub about the delay in the source code release of Honeycomb, which led to a storm of critique being sent Google's way. Turns out there's another company withholding source code, and this time it's Apple. They have stopped releasing the LGPL source code for WebKit in iOS since iOS 4.3.0, released about 8 weeks ago. Turns out - this isn't the first time Apple has refused to release (L)GPL'd code. It took them six months to release the required GPL source code for iOS 4.1.
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Does it break any legal rules?
by martini on Mon 9th May 2011 15:27 UTC
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Thanks sparkyERTW for your post. I understand more about this.

I think that on this kind of cases there are always two questions that need to be asked.

1) Is it breaking the legal rules of an OSS license?
2) Is it legal but it is a shift from a behavior that the vendor used to have. ?

Question 1 is almost easy to find an answer.

On Question 2 what may happen is that the author of a software that had developed 100% of the code release it under a OSS license and for the next release he change it and decide not to open it (the new release). In that case (if he is the author of all the code) it is legal, but it is change of behavior that people sometime doesn't like.

But on this case both are breaking the rules so it is...

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