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Hardware, Embedded Systems Well-known game developer David Braben is a little bit fed up with the state of computer science education these days, which seems to have shifted away from learning programming to some sort of computer-oriented "life skills" class. As the father of eleven and nine year-old boys, I can attest that so far, despite a massive investment on the part of their school in computer equipment, their computer education has consisted mostly of "play this math game" and "don't be victimized by cyber-perverts." Braben's idea to stem this tide: a very, very cheap computer that students can learn to program on.
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teaching reason
by Bounty on Mon 9th May 2011 17:11 UTC
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Most IT people I've met don't have a knack for teaching. People may not work the same way you do. Most of you were probably brilliant in those computer classes. Others, well they became doctors, janitors or a variety of things.

You can learn logic and following directions from a variety of sources. I'm not sure BASIC is the universal foundation you're looking for. Actually I would prefer that there was a separate "logic class" that was independant of specific fields. Maybe some cooking, mechanics, physics and BASIC all thrown into one. The goal of the class would be to teach reasoning, and should be an early core class.

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