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SuSE, openSUSE The first major effect of Attachmate buying Novell (and thus, SUSE) has come into, uh, effect. Novell, of course, is the birth place of Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework. Reports indicate Mono developers have been fired as part of the streamlining process, but according to Attachmate's CEO, they weren't fired because of Mono.
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RE[6]: Let Mono transform
by pantheraleo on Mon 9th May 2011 17:29 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Let Mono transform"
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There are still advantages in memory footprint, program startup time and predictability.

True, but memory footprint is also less relevant these days, given that RAM is so cheap these days that the average system comes with more of it than most people ever use. Startup time has also been reduced quite a bit with recent version of the VM. It's still longer than most C++ programs of course, but startup time is an insignificant percentage of the total time spent using the program. And for server applications, startup time is basically irrelevant.

Predictable? Can you elaborate on what you mean by predictable? I'd say Java is more predictable than C++. The Java VM makes many guarantees that will hold true, no matter what platform is involved. Also, because of Java's security model, the JVM makes several guarantees about program behavior that C++ does not make. If you try to write past the ends of an array in Java, the result is a predictable ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. If you try to write past the ends of an array in C or C++ (assuming just vanilla C style array), the result is unpredictable, and could range from a segmentation fault crash, to corrupting other data in the application, to a security hole if someone can use it to execute arbitrary code. By those kinds of metrics, Java is far more predictable than C++. You must mean something else by the word "predictable?"

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