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Apple Apple has released the source code for WebKit in iOS 4.3, which it had been withholding for eight weeks. However, according yo Jay 'saurik' Freeman, they are still not, and never have been, in compliance with the LGPL. "Apple's provided source code (which /is/ heavily modified for the iPhone) [...] isn't even complete enough to compile (it is missing a bunch of code for the WAK* classes), so Apple has simply never been in compliance with this license," Saurik writes. So, it would seem that Apple is still violating the LGPL, and has been doing so for a very long time. Funny how this never makes it to mainstream technology sites. I guess they find their pre-release review devices more important.
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Just relax
by Elv13 on Mon 9th May 2011 22:39 UTC
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They made WebKit, its 1000x better than the previous yearly code drop that were merged in KHTML before 2006. Apple is usually nice when it come to source code, much more than MS. They have been less and less recently, but who ever used Darwin + X11 as an OS?

They are not nice right now, right but trolling wont help. Sueing and winning against apple will just make things worst, they will sue even more people. It's Apple! Not Oracle or Microsoft. They don't invest in OSS to kill it. They usually do to spread technology (GC, Avahi/ZeroConf/Bonjour/mDNSresponder, CPUS, GCC, FreeBSD (manual backports), ZFS and many more). Even if it don't always end up well and open, I think they do a good job, overall. Remember than WebKit is mostly Apple code. They don't -have- to commit it, they own the copyright, if they want to make WebKit on iOS propriatary fine, they own it. It's ok as all code not owned by them is still available, and it is.

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