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Qt Since Nokia announced its switch to Windows Phone 7, people have been worried about the future of Qt. Well, it turns out Nokia is still going full steam ahead with Qt, since it has just announced the plans for Qt 5. Some major changes are afoot code and functionality-wise, but the biggest change is that Qt 5 will be developed out in the open from day one (unlike Qt 4). There will be no distinction between a Nokia developer or third party developer.
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by Nelson on Tue 10th May 2011 03:09 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by ephracis"
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Of course you need Mono. Mono is the .NET Runtime required by C#.

As for the binding themselves, they're not too good.

ALSO, worth noting in the anouncement by Nokia is the fact that they admit what I and others have been talking about for months, but people on this website have dismissed.

One platform to rule them all is not practical at all.

The goal of the Qt 5 project is to offer the best possible functionality on each platform, implying that Qt will begin to offer more differentiated functionality on some OS’s, while still offering efficient re-use for the absolute majority of the code across platforms.

This is exactly whats true of the current situation with Silverlight. You can reuse 80% of your code across Xbox 360, Windows, Surface, Zune, and Windows Phone 7, but that other 10% must be specifically catered to the host platform.

The fairy tale that you can just write it once in Qt, and have it look, feel, and behave the same on all the platforms Qt supports is exactly that, a fairy tale.

So I'm glad Nokia has come out and said this, I mean, even if they are repeating what any competent developer has been screaming at the top of their lungs for some time now.

Qt: Good platform. Best C++ platform possibly (despite the fact that it heavily dresses up C++ into something useable using their Meta Object Compiler) for application development.

Lets not make things more than they are.

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