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Databases The release of the first beta of version 9.1 of the open source PostgreSQL database has opened a new era in enterprise-class reliability and data integrity that can compete with the big names, say its developers. CIO recently interviewed Josh Berkus, Kevin Grittner, Dimitri Fontaine and Robert Haas about PostgreSQL 9.1 and its future.
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PostgreSQL 9.0 already got the first of 2 parts of integrated replication support. Consistent, fast and efficient (Continuous Streaming Replication).

PostgreSQL 9.1 will add more replication support which means it will wait for the transaction data to be copied to the slave server before letting the application know the data has been committed (this is slower ofcourse, but is optional).

PG-Pool II also allows for queries to be load-balanced over the master and slave server and already worked with PostgreSQL 9.0

Slony-I allows for replication on a per table (and similair boundries).

Complete multi-master consistent read-/write-scaling of PostgreSQL has been available in seprate projects, like but has made it in to normal PostgreSQL yet.

Some commercial companies like: EnterpriseDB and Greenplum also sell products and support based around PostgreSQL or products which extended the abilties of PostgreSQL.

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