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Windows In its first update to a new community-based preview program, Microsoft is showing off a number of new features for Windows Vista, including efforts to improve the web browser and make the operating system more resilient.
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OS Debate
by ZaNkY on Tue 18th Oct 2005 22:44 UTC
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In my experience, Windows and Linux (with a DesktopEenvironment/WindowManager) are about equal in functioanality. Windows however crashes more often (IN MY EXPERIENCE), and I have NEVER seen ANY spyware on the many Linux/Unix distros I've used.

Microsoft SEEMS to be making a step in the right direction, and they should be applauded for that, but there are so many OTHER things they should be doing instead.

Personally, I like the nice "Aero" windowy thing (I mean WOW! now I can tilt my window sideways! Isn;t that awesome! ::sigh::). But if I had to choose between the interface, and a Network security overhaul, guess which one I'd use? (The network overhaul if you didn't get my drift).

As far as I'm concerned, There is still a lot of Win3.1 source code floating around in Vista (I may be wrong, but i read someplace that most of the core APIs are virtually unchanged from the beginings of Windows, correct me if I'm wrong)

What my point is: There is no point in having this religious Linux Vs Windows debate, Abandon both and write your own OS like I'm doing! lol I'm kidding on abandoning both, but there is no need to criticize either side for their faults (yes they both have faults). I'm writing my own OS, so maybe one day I'll come out on top of this debate ;)


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