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Multimedia, AV "[Arno] Gourdol confirmed tonight [Flash Player] would get the full WebM support, which also includes the Vorbis audio encoding technology and a container to bundle the data together.[...] 'We don't have a timetable for it,' Gourdol said of WebM support in Flash. Important factors include hardware support, just getting under way today, and broad use of the technology, he said."
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RE[2]: I'm torn...
by lemur2 on Wed 11th May 2011 05:24 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm torn..."
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"I want WebM to succeed, but I want flash to die in the most painful way possible.
No, you really don't. The most painful way to die is slowly... "

That is what may actually happen, because Flash has a lot of tools which support website creation. The issue of WebM vs H264 video doesn't really affect this much.

What is needed to supplant Flash is widely-available and sufficiently functional tools for website creation of HTML5/CSS3/SVG/ECMAscript websites (i.e. standards-compliant websites which don't require Flash but which are just as flashy, if you follow).

Enter BlueGriffon, announced yesterday.

IMO, offerings such as BlueGriffon will do far more to hasten the demise of Flash than WebM support in Flash will do to delay that demise.

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