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Graphics, User Interfaces "Pinta, a 'lightweight' open source raster image editor, turned 1.0 on April 27, offering Linux users another choice for simple image editing. Pinta is intended to be a clone of Paint.NET, the Windows-only raster editor written in .NET. As such, it uses Mono under the hood, but it gains the ability to run equally well on Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows. Is it a replacement for GIMP or Krita? That depends on what you need to do." What I like about Pinta is that I actually caused its creation in the first place.
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RE[4]: Comment by orestes
by gtada on Thu 12th May 2011 08:23 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by orestes"
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I'll check it out again... I've been looking for a good painting program on Linux (GIMP definitely is not it).

I wish Autodesk ported Sketchbook Designer to Linux. ;)

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