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Google It was inevitable, of course, and rightfully so: Google is having its big I/O conference, so we have to talk about the lack of Honeycomb's source code. While not violating any licenses, the lack of source code doesn't sit well with many - including myself - so it only makes sense people are asking Google about it. Andy Rubin confirmed we're never going to see Honeycomb's sources as a standalone release. He also explained what 'open' means for Android.
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RE[6]: Comment by shmerl
by WereCatf on Thu 12th May 2011 14:33 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by shmerl"
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You lost me at the whole Lord's name in vain vulgarity you put in your reply, Thom. Regardless of what your personal views are you are the editor of a site that has visitors with varying religious beliefs. As the editor you should respect that and refrain from sentiments that some will find offensive.

There are THOUSANDS of religions on Earth and thus no matter what you're saying you're bound to offend atleast one person. It simply is not possible to avoid offending anyone, not with that many religions.

Hell, there's even literally a registered Church of the Jedi which idolizes jedi and their ideologies. Talking about lightsabers as children's toys or the jedi as fantasy would seriously offend them.

As such; no, I disagree with you. Someone saying God or Jesus or anything similar should be allowed, especially if they don't share your religion. You have the right to be offended as much as you wish, just as others have the right to free speech.

The problem is that your insensitive response has now made you the antagonist.

To be honest, your response is just as insensitive.

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