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Windows In its first update to a new community-based preview program, Microsoft is showing off a number of new features for Windows Vista, including efforts to improve the web browser and make the operating system more resilient.
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MY OS :)
by ZaNkY on Tue 18th Oct 2005 23:17 UTC
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Well, I'm still in the designing stage, But I plan to code the entire thing in Assembly. Both Windows and Linux are coded mostly in C++ (and almost any other OS for that matter). C++ is a good language, but doesn't match up to Assembly in terms of speeds and efficiency (usually).

I want to:
Design and build a brand new File System
Scrap the idea of a kernel, and use multiple diferent kernel-like "programs" that controll the computer, but are controlled by a master super-kernel that has no real executing abilities of it's own (a security minded idea more than inovation in architecture)
A TRUE 3D environment to work in that is adaptable to the user's needs (easy to maneuver around with, easily turned off, custumizable plugins and widgets....)
Security features built in that are meticoulously hard to disable, yet won't bother the user at all
Ability to modify the OS like you would compile a linux kernel

I'm heading in the direction of writing my OS as a 64-bit OS, but I'm not decided yet.

Those are the main points, but again, I'm still designing how things will be in the end. I should start coding sometime within this month and prolly won't be finished with a stable 1.0 version till next year (if even at that lol).

I recognize that it's a HUGE project, but I'm still gonna try. That way I can say that even though I whined about a certain OS not being great, I did something about it to make a great OS ;)


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