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In the News What about a little Nixonian intrigue? A respected public relations firm has been caught executing a secret smear campaign against Google to large media outlets, trying to make Google looks bad (or worse, depending on your point of view). Who hired this firm to do this? You'd think Microsoft or Apple, it's right up their alley - but no, it's actually Facebook.
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Large Corporations
by hackus on Thu 12th May 2011 22:57 UTC
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I mean I hope nobody is surprised about this sorta thing.

The government has hired, MILLIONS of "psuedo" people on Facebook that have families, a house and a dog and kat with 2 kids. Even a complete social friends list made up of real and fake people.

Except. Guess what?

Do these people all exist? No, some are complete fabrications. However, they are all very useful.

If there are posts about Fukushima's radiation, they can be called on to put out the correct government version of the story.

"Fukushima is no where near Chernobyl. It is all under control, and the only people who don't think so are lunatics."

They can also be used in times of crisis to control feed back loops into psyops operations to control public opinion.

Corporations do the same to control opinions about products...."Oh I love mu Zune!!! It does everything, much better and cheaper than an iPod!"

"So what if SONY leaked your credit card info, just cancel the card or check your bill next month. I think most people are just making to big a deal out of this whole situation."


Can anyone tell the difference between the government way of doing things online and the corporations?

Of course not, because essentially they are one in the same.

It is strange how the online reality really focuses what is the same, and what is different. Very refreshing.


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