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Google Because of Google I/O going full-steam ahead, it's a bit of a Google thing going on here. Google co-founder Sergey Brin had a little chat with the press about the Chromebooks Google announced yesterday, and during that talk, he stated that traditional PC operating systems are "torturing users" with their complexity. While he certainly has a point, I'm not sure I like his solution. Giving Google all my files? Yeah... No.
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RE[2]: Users Torturing Selves
by jwwf on Fri 13th May 2011 02:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Users Torturing Selves"
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People don't kill innocent bystanders because they suck at writing email.

Only damage done is to your own personal data and credit, not grevious bodily harm to others.

It does sadden me, though, that there could be big business catering to those too lazy to learn common skills.

A more apt analogy might be this: A person picks up a hammer for the first time, bends a bunch of nails, hits his fingers a couple of times, and then concludes "This hammer sucks!".

I am perfectly happy if somebody makes money by finding an unserved market niche. I just dislike the cultural norm of this being considered reasonable behavior.

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