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Google Because of Google I/O going full-steam ahead, it's a bit of a Google thing going on here. Google co-founder Sergey Brin had a little chat with the press about the Chromebooks Google announced yesterday, and during that talk, he stated that traditional PC operating systems are "torturing users" with their complexity. While he certainly has a point, I'm not sure I like his solution. Giving Google all my files? Yeah... No.
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It is well understood by industry analysts that Google's business model is based on collecting data about you and using it for their profit.

Hence... they give you "free" use of products in exchange for your data -- consider Google Maps, Latitude, Search and Adwords, Gmail, Youtube, Google Books, Docs, etc.

Before using any Google product -- especially their Chrome computers and Android phones -- I would consider very carefully what the loss of your personal data will cost you.

I'm dumbfounded that some corporations use Google's "free" products without considering the ramifications of losing control over their own data.

Several cogent explanations of Google's business model at --

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