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Microsoft In business school the first thing they teach you about CEOs is: it is the CEO’s job to increase the shareholder value of the company. Since taking the position Ballmer has decreased shareholder value, as reflected by stock price, by -56.63%. That. Is. Not. Good . . . Microsoft should be searching for a new CEO right now.
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RE: the tortoise and the hare
by clasqm on Fri 13th May 2011 07:34 UTC in reply to "the tortoise and the hare"
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This is just another nobody lecturing self-made billionaires on how to run their companies.

As opposed to us two nobodies telling other nobodies what they may or may not write?

Sure MS could create a Skype clone - but it would take years and wouldn't have any brand recognition.

I don't think that was the real issue. The real issue here is the price. $8.5 BILLION is an awful lot of money for something that has yet to turn a profit.

I would place my money on MS surviving another 20 years over Apple any day. Jobs has always bet the farm on a few products. MS sticks to low risk diversity at the expense of growth.

What happens to Apple's share price in 2-3 years years when unlocked $50 WP7 smartphones and $100 Android tablets are sold in supermarkets? How long before every second company has an online app and music store? I guess even Ebay and Facebook will have one soon.

You yourself said the magic words above: brand recognition. Apple doesn't participate in the race to the bottom. The more the makers of el cheapo tablets gouge each others' margins, the more people get turned off when the apps from the Facebook store don't work on the eBay tablet, the better for Apple.

I do agree that Microsoft will still be around in 20 years time. After all there still is an IBM. Of sorts.

Will people still buy expensive Macs when they can do much faster media editing on cheap server farms or via a cloud-based service?

What makes you think Apple will not be part of that? Google "North Carolina data center".

The success of Apple has always been due to cult marketing hype by sycophants in the media. Mundane products that have been around for years suddenly become absolutely amazing once they have the Apple brand applied. Star Trek had tablet computers way back in the 1960s FFS.

Yes, and Star Wars had faster-than-light spaceships back in 1978. The first guys to get a working one on the market are still going to make a killing. That really is the lamest argument in the history of OSNews, dude.

Apple blatantly copied the designs of 1960s German toasters to become the style leader.

The German toaster designer doesn't mind. In fact, he is an admirer:

Online music stores and MP3 players were around long before Apple got into the business.

Yes, and nobody used them. I wonder why?

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