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Microsoft In business school the first thing they teach you about CEOs is: it is the CEO’s job to increase the shareholder value of the company. Since taking the position Ballmer has decreased shareholder value, as reflected by stock price, by -56.63%. That. Is. Not. Good . . . Microsoft should be searching for a new CEO right now.
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Ah !
by TBPrince on Fri 13th May 2011 09:27 UTC
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What they don't teach in CEO schools (because it's an untold lesson) is that Capitalism, at one point, needs to disrupt value to be able to create more value. That makes Capitalism an inferior production system but a few key figures can make profits out of disruption as well.

Shares value could not raise indefinitely, as it is obvious. If Apple shares weren't valued as toilet paper in mid 90s, Apple couldn't have grown the way it did. And, at one point, Apple shares must collapse to start over again.

The same way, Microsoft had more than 15 years of growing which reflected on shares value. Now shares collapsed and that game can start again.

The blame-CEO game is a handy explanation to justify something which is more than natural, not because CEOs but because current production system.

If I say: Apple and Google shares will collapse sooner or later, that would be a sure bet.

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