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Mac OS X "Ars Technica's John Siracusa looks back with a decade's hindsight at his early reviews of Mac OS X. He talks about what went right, what went wrong, and what he's still waiting on." I've read them all over the years, and Siracusa is by far the best reviewer on the web. His Mac OS X reviews are worth it for the technical details of the inner workings of Mac OS X alone - even if you don't use or like Apple's operating system.
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by aftermath on Fri 13th May 2011 13:53 UTC
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I used the context to constrain the “Best Reviewer on the Web” title that you’re conferring on Siracusa to the specific area of “when it comes to Mac OS X”. If that is in fact what you meant then I agree with you. He is the best Mac OS X reviewer, putting a huge distance between himself and second place. Before it starts sound I’m throwing him under the bus, I will say that his reviews should be compulsory for the whole body of Apple-faithful and Apple-curious because you learn far more about Mac OS X from him then from Apple. Objectively, you don't learn enough.

If instead you actually meant that he is literally the greatest reviewer on the web then I strongly disagree, because he’s not even a good one. That’s disappointing too because he is such a good writer who has so much knowledge and insight. Of course, he doesn’t stand alone as a low quality reviewer either on the web or when in comes to Mac OS X. In fact, being the best Mac OS X reviewer turns out to be SKAFC territory (Skinniest Kid At Fat Camp), and I can’t help but wonder if he’d start doing a better job if he had any real competition. To me, Siracusa’s reviews read like a popular Foodie plying his trade on Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Double Down” product. It’s entertaining. It’s insightful. It’s even marginally useful. However, it rather misses the point, which become even more obvious if you’ve ever stood in the lobby of a KFC or listened in to a Yum! Brands shareholder call.

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