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Microsoft In business school the first thing they teach you about CEOs is: it is the CEO’s job to increase the shareholder value of the company. Since taking the position Ballmer has decreased shareholder value, as reflected by stock price, by -56.63%. That. Is. Not. Good . . . Microsoft should be searching for a new CEO right now.
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Microsoft about to die? LOL
by Darkmage on Fri 13th May 2011 14:59 UTC
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80% don't need Windows? You're dreaming mate. Until Linux has got 100% interoperability with Office. Not just replacement programs but actual interop. Microsoft isn't going anywhere. Anyone who works in IT should know that no product exists yet that can replace Microsoft. I work with a Linux machine, I still have to RDP into a Windows machine to edit Visio diagrams. There's no Linux equivalent that handles .vsd files properly. There are literally thousands of packages that only exist on Windows and which don't have functional equivalents on other platforms. Wine is not a solution to most of those programs either. It doesn't tie into the OS enough to provide the things those programs need. Linux is becoming a great product, but it's still a long way from toppling the Redmond behemoth. Personally I think Linux would do better to try to go after Apple first, before trying to take on Microsoft. Mac has usability over windows. Linux hasn't got anything except source code access which most people don't care about.

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