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Microsoft In business school the first thing they teach you about CEOs is: it is the CEO’s job to increase the shareholder value of the company. Since taking the position Ballmer has decreased shareholder value, as reflected by stock price, by -56.63%. That. Is. Not. Good . . . Microsoft should be searching for a new CEO right now.
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Don't come with that bullshit: Apple has more valuable shares and better profits margins while MS does not.

The truth is Apple shares are hyperinflated while the price of MS shares is slightly underestimated.

That's because speculative activities and because many dumb bastards think of themselves as intelligent investors. While Apple shares can (and will at some point in the future) saw some drastic adjustments, MS shares have potential to grow because, unlike Apple, MS is a solid company.

Apple's share price is not "hyperinflated". Just because it is currently over $300/sh doesn't mean a thing. Apple's market capitalization at this time is $316 Billion dollars. It accurately reflects the health of the company regardless of how much each share costs.

Finally, Apple makes a lot of cash now because the world is filled with snobs and dumb people with money. If you are unsure of your sexuality, your physical attraction, your intellect and you see some sexy guy in a Hollywood film, who seems to attract lots of girls and is using an iPad or Mac Book, or if you read a column in magazine and the journalist seems to be smart and is praising some Apple product, what's the first thing you do?

Everyone is basically a snob. They just don't care to admit it to themselves.

Has nothing really to do with a company's product. Bottom line is people buy what they want.

Idk if Ballmer was the best possible CEO for MS, but thanks God MS didn't employed Steve Jobs as its CEO. Otherwise, MS would be the one selling crap products with the letter "i" in front.

No truly successful company sells "crap products". It just doesn't work that way. Apple has been the most successful tech company in recent years with only just a few product offerings.

I think that MS should concentrate on what they can do best and that is software. Instead of trying to compete with Sony (xbox), Apple (zune), Google (bing). If they come up with a killer os for phones and tablets, if they extend their software business in other directions, I think their profit margins will be much better.

This I agree on. I've always thought Microsoft should concentrate on software.

PS. For Apple fans, I'm not saying that Apple is bad and MS good or viceversa. I'm just saying that Apple is selling products of no real value with artistically inflated prices. While you can get some value from your money if you (or your company) buy something from MS.

You don't need to be a "fan" of Apple to enjoy their products. It just has to work as advertised--and they do. That's the value right there. Apple also takes VERY good care of their customers in their retail presence. You can't really say with facts that you don't get value from Apple. That's just a rant based on industry jealousy.

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