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Google Because of Google I/O going full-steam ahead, it's a bit of a Google thing going on here. Google co-founder Sergey Brin had a little chat with the press about the Chromebooks Google announced yesterday, and during that talk, he stated that traditional PC operating systems are "torturing users" with their complexity. While he certainly has a point, I'm not sure I like his solution. Giving Google all my files? Yeah... No.
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Deja Vu
by ferrix on Sat 14th May 2011 02:37 UTC
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This whole 'moving the applications and data to the cloud' just makes my blood boil. We've been there before, you know - 'cloud' is just another word for server and this is just a rehash of the original model of computing. But I am old enough to remember when PCs started to appear, and how excited we were precisely BECAUSE they allowed us to move applications and data away from remote servers controlled by the chosen few right to our desktop for users to manage and control as they wanted. Believe it or not, it was a revolution in IT: the arrival of personal computing.

And now we're not only supposed to give it up, but to believe this is something new, and it is better for us? Being in charge of my own stuff is supposed to be torture now? I think not! Reading this sort of nonsense does get pretty painful after a while though ;)

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