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Google It was inevitable, of course, and rightfully so: Google is having its big I/O conference, so we have to talk about the lack of Honeycomb's source code. While not violating any licenses, the lack of source code doesn't sit well with many - including myself - so it only makes sense people are asking Google about it. Andy Rubin confirmed we're never going to see Honeycomb's sources as a standalone release. He also explained what 'open' means for Android.
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RE: Doubt....
by molnarcs on Sat 14th May 2011 09:57 UTC in reply to "Doubt...."
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The whole Honeycomb saga is storm in a teacup. Google released the source code for every part that they are legally obliged to. The rest they seem to be ashamed of - probably they were rushed by the impending Xoom release, ripped out parts and replaced them with others, making the whole release unsuitable for phones. More importantly the source code will be released when Ice Cream is released - that's how GIT works. The only thing is that Honeycomb won't be tagged (as a release) and won't be released RIGH NOW. But once IceCream is released, nobody will care about what Honeycomb once was (still, if they want, they can have the full source code in all its broken glory).

So actually most of the headlines are factually wrong - "Honeycomb will not be released" - but I guess it's important to harp on how evil Google is for not releasing broken code onto the world ATM.

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