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Mac OS X "Ars Technica's John Siracusa looks back with a decade's hindsight at his early reviews of Mac OS X. He talks about what went right, what went wrong, and what he's still waiting on." I've read them all over the years, and Siracusa is by far the best reviewer on the web. His Mac OS X reviews are worth it for the technical details of the inner workings of Mac OS X alone - even if you don't use or like Apple's operating system.
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after Lion?
by fran on Sat 14th May 2011 12:49 UTC
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Wonder what will be after OS X Lion.
The cat hierarchy is pretty much exhausted now except if they name the next version after the extinct Sabretooth or something which I think they wont do.

Talking nonsense now..OS XI will eventually happen but I wonder, marketing wise, if the OS eleven will sound right enough for Apple.
Windows did not name Vista windows 6. It did although use 7. What I'm getting at is that number 7 and 10 have symbolic type value. 7 is lucky and 10 is perfect.

My guess is the next version will be a word?

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