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Legal Patent trolls are evil. However, we're used to patent trolls attacking big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple, who themselves keep the broken patent system intact - so it's kind of what goes around comes around; schadenfreude if you will. However, what if a patent troll carefully threatens to sue a number of smal-time iOS developers, knowing full well that these small developers cannot fight back due to the iOS developer agreement? What kind of low-point have we hit then?
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RE[2]: Shouldn't it be?
by MOS6510 on Sat 14th May 2011 18:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Shouldn't it be?"
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Apple appears to use legal action when someone, company or person, poses a threat to their brand, image or products.

A number of Android phones are iPhone rip-offs, yet they only sued Samsung which put a lot of effort in to duplicating the iPhone, including the packaging.

What I consider patent trolls are companies (most you never heard off) that somehow got hold of a patent, with no intent ever do anything with it and then sue companies like Apple or Microsoft hoping to settle for a nice amount of money.

Sure when companies like Apple sue they use patents must of us consider silly, hence some are inclined to call Apple a patent troll, however these silly patents are just small ammunition in a bigger picture.

Don't forget Apple is a publicly owned company. They have to explain to the shareholders why other companies ripped them off and they did nothing. Even if they lose the case they can still show they tried to do something, only the judge couldn't be convinced.

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