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General Development Application stores are growing everywhere like mushrooms. While users have initially embraced application stores because of the ease they offer with application installation, developers have several complaints. Division of profits from paid application and ineffectiveness of the screening process are among the major issues. Are application stores the best distribution channel possible? Can they satisfy both developers and users?
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App stores...
by bert64 on Sat 14th May 2011 22:09 UTC
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Finally another problem that gets serious over time is the amount of available applications. All the top spots are taken. Even if you have a great application, your marketing options on the application store are fairly limited. Well established applications will keep on selling even though better alternatives might exist.

This happens already, even without app stores... People already look for the popular apps and don't even consider looking for anything else. At least with a well designed app store model, the system could recommend similar apps. So you search for the popular one, see it costs $50 but there are some similar apps for $5 or free with decent reviews...

The interesting part about the app store, is that it proves at least one of the "linux is not ready" arguments wrong. Search for any such argument written more than a couple of years ago, and one of the points given against linux will invariably be that users cannot buy boxed software in physical stores for linux.
I have long held that the linux repository model is far superior, and that users would love it if only it was promoted properly... Now Apple have come along with a slightly cut down version of that model, promoted it heavily and it's been a huge success. Now think what *could* have been if the early linux netbooks had come with better linux distros, linked to decent software repositories and sufficient marketing to show people the benefits of them.

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