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Legal Patent trolls are evil. However, we're used to patent trolls attacking big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple, who themselves keep the broken patent system intact - so it's kind of what goes around comes around; schadenfreude if you will. However, what if a patent troll carefully threatens to sue a number of smal-time iOS developers, knowing full well that these small developers cannot fight back due to the iOS developer agreement? What kind of low-point have we hit then?
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Adam Engst is a lawyer?
by JAlexoid on Sun 15th May 2011 02:53 UTC
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Sorry. But iOS developer agreement does not prevent any developer from settling with Lodsys. It only states that you can't blame Apple in such a settlement. And it all comes from misunderstanding who a patent holder may sue in case of patent infringement.

Compare that to the Nokia's suit against Apple. The GSM/UMTS components are designed and manufactured by a third party and Apple packages and sells the end product. Now change the GSM/UMTS components to iOS SDK API/iOS library, "third party" to Apple and Apple to iOS developer.
So Lodsys are in within their legal limits when they sent their demands to the developers of apps.

Other examples include:
- Microsoft going after Motorola over Android, though Google is the source of Android
- Apple going after HTC over Android
- Oracle going after Goole as the source of Android

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