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Google Because of Google I/O going full-steam ahead, it's a bit of a Google thing going on here. Google co-founder Sergey Brin had a little chat with the press about the Chromebooks Google announced yesterday, and during that talk, he stated that traditional PC operating systems are "torturing users" with their complexity. While he certainly has a point, I'm not sure I like his solution. Giving Google all my files? Yeah... No.
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The statement only apply to entities (i.e. human users, organisations) that does not view information (or data) as critical part of its function but only one of the tools available.

Outsourcing IT administration to a third party is actually a common practice internationally, the point divergent is that the degree one outsources and availability for the client (and vendor) to handle service maladjustments that are not controllable.

Likewise, Google also pointed one harsh fact that technology is increasing the demand for organisations to keep abreast. IT administrators and integrators are far too specialised into their fields to be deployed as permanent in-house fixture, especially for small business and where IT availability (and as competitive advantage) is not important.

But of course for the lay-users who know nothing about intellectual property and privacy leaks (look at facebook). Giving them a complex OS solves nothing, people still pirate windows, browsing webpages on outdated internet browser, they are still on facebook, talking crap on forums as if there's an illusion of anonymity... I'd say something simple and foolproof serves better for the long term.

Only more technical demanding users will appreciate something called "More > advanced options" at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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