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Legal Patent trolls are evil. However, we're used to patent trolls attacking big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple, who themselves keep the broken patent system intact - so it's kind of what goes around comes around; schadenfreude if you will. However, what if a patent troll carefully threatens to sue a number of smal-time iOS developers, knowing full well that these small developers cannot fight back due to the iOS developer agreement? What kind of low-point have we hit then?
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RE[6]: Shouldn't it be?
by MOS6510 on Mon 16th May 2011 08:46 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Shouldn't it be?"
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Well, he's talking about ideas. A smart phone, touch screen, icons, boxing, those are ideas. It's fine to build your own phone create a touch screen, make a UI with icons and put it in a nice box. What Samsung did was copy it so such an effect that it became easy to mix an iPhone and a Samsung up.

And of course it's fine to steal, but not be stolen from. ;-)

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