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Google "Google Chrome OS is designed around the concept of "expendable" terminals that you can lose, drop or simply throw away without fear of losing your data, which is safely stored into the cloud. [However, one] thing is certain, with all your data being available into the cloud, in one place, available 24/7 through a fast internet link, this will be a goldmine for cybercriminals. All that is necessary here is to get hold of the authentication tokens required to access the cloud account."
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Getting those "security tokens"...
by koffie on Mon 16th May 2011 08:52 UTC
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Getting those "security tokens" will be a bit harder. Spyware should be out, though the platform has not yet been grilled - exploits might still be possible somehow, but the intend of the platform is to eliminate these risks.

You still have the same 'social engineering', phishing and man-in-the-middle attack problem, and the impact is much higher, but compared to the current spyware/trojan situation, I don't think it's that bad. That is - as long as you trust the "do no evil" corporation behind the cloud storage.

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