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Windows In its first update to a new community-based preview program, Microsoft is showing off a number of new features for Windows Vista, including efforts to improve the web browser and make the operating system more resilient.
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by ZaNkY on Wed 19th Oct 2005 00:33 UTC
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Thats one thing that I've been thinking for a LOOOONG time (bout 2 years, since i first heard bout longhorn and Trusted Computing crap)

I think that the Linux "camp" is gearing up for an assult ;) (LIKE STAR WARS!! woot). If the different distros work together they can start to launch a commercial of sorts Linux. What I mean is having a linux CD on the shelves of EVERY major computer stores, right next to Windows Vista. 300$ (an estimated guess) for an OS that will force you to upgrade to a beastly computer (see bellow)? Or 5$ (for CD printing and packaging costs) for a Linux Distro that has improved most of it's quirks and produced a UNIFIED LINUX, not some other distro that can stand on its own like Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, Gentoo...........................................

The NUMBER 1 thing that scares me about Vista is the requirements. I just bought a BRAND NEW computer about 3 months ago, FX-57, 2 gigs of Ram, 200 Gig SATA drive, 7800 GTX......

The scary part? My computer BARELY meets the hardware requirements (aka minimum requirements)! And it took me YEARS of saving up to get my computer. Imagine for the rest of the world? 4000+$ for the new shiny Vista! or 5$ (or free if downloaded) + my current computer?

Hardware reqs:

Which shall i use.....hmmm thats a hard decision......

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