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Legal This is certainly worth a meagre +1 in my book: patent troll Lodsys has actually taken the time to answer some of the concerns on the web regarding its legal threats to several small-time iOS developers. There's some interesting stuff in there.
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RE[5]: Still fsckd up
by allanregistos on Tue 17th May 2011 01:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Still fsckd up"
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It depends on the application, I know for a fact a lot of desktop type applications that have a single exe are upgraded by simply downloading a new exe. If you develop in a language that creates single no dependency exes and does not use DLLs, it's very easy to upgrade that way. You can also update a app like this by using a difference engine and only download the difference and then patch the exe or other files that way.

It's not rocket science by any means.

You talking about simple software implementation where upgrade is not a rocket science.

My current understanding about the patent is: patent=idea(how it works), and the code being used here is irrelevant.

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