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Games Now that the Playstation Network is back online, the great downplaying by Sony has begun. Sony CEO Howard Stringer has been making the rounds in the media world, talking about the massive security fail, and in his eyes, it's not that big of a deal. He calls it a 'hiccup', something that happens to all large networks.
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It makes no sense but...
by Kalessin on Tue 17th May 2011 22:35 UTC
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Unfortunately, while the line of reasoning that you've never been hacked before, so you thought that you were secure makes no sense, it will probably fly with at some of the less-educated - and particularly less tech-savvy - folk out there. Fortunately, those who were directly impacted will likely be far less forgiving about it. But as ridiculous as this PR campaign is, it's likely that it'll have some positive effect for them.

I just hope that they get some seriously negative legal and monetary consequences for their "hickup." If the hickups were really as bad as Sony's "hickup," you'd have to go to the hospital every time that you had them.

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