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Legal "The French government's 'three strikes' approach to online copyright infringement relies on a private company that scans file-sharing networks and gathers the IP addresses of alleged Gallic content pirates. But that company, TMG, suffered an embarrassing security breach last week, and the French government has 'temporarily suspended' its acquisition of new TMG data while an investigation is underway." Yeah, the company that collects IP addresses of alleged file shares got Sony'd.
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RE: Olé !
by KrustyVader on Wed 18th May 2011 11:13 UTC in reply to "Olé !"
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I may not agree with most of that law. But with the part that say "that people are considered responsible for securing their computer and the network it's attached to." isn't totally wrong.

In some countries (Argentina) you are innocent until prove guilty, and also you are owner of everything that is inside you property (house, car, etc). Unless someone prove the oposite. That means you are responsible for everything that's inside.

So if you cars is involve in a back robbery you are accused of been part of it unless you can prove that someone else was driving it (let say it was stolen).

If the police find drugs in you house you are accused of having drugs, unless you can prove that someone else has put it in there.

So if your machines is used for crimes you should prove that you are not involve in it.

Also sniffing any kind of communication (in Argentina) it's illegal and all data that they collect can't be used against you.

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