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Mono Project Two weeks ago we covered the news that the Mono development team were let go kicked out by the new owners of Novel, Attachmate, apparently to move operations to Germany. Miguel de Icazza, founder of Mono, has taken this opportunity to break off on his own and has started a new company, Xamarin, to bring commercial .NET development products to iOS and Android.
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RE[5]: legal Problems are deep
by oiaohm on Wed 18th May 2011 22:36 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: legal Problems are deep"
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"This is the critical thing. The most dangerous stuff is by MS and not covered by a patent grant.

You are applying double standards here.

Microsoft has not issued a patent grant for the following technologies:
Python, PHP, Linux Kernel, (Free, Open, NET) BSD Kernel, ttf, rendering (numerous patents), application skinning (numerous patents), Ruby, LUA, IDE's, Libre Office etc. etc. etc. etc.

Obviously you must argue against their usage since there is no MS Patent Grant.

What on earth makes you think that Mono is somehow different?

Very simple. PHP, Python, Linux Kernel.... Can truly prove independent development. So anyone wanting to use patents against them have to prove they apply and that the usage in those are not prior art so voiding the patent.

MS patents on .net 100 percent apply off the get go. So removing cost factor for patent aggressor to prove their case.

Double standards I am not. I am understanding a key difference. This is why it critical that inventors give you patent grants if they have them.

I am also aware of freetype patent issues. . Linux kernel and most other major project take getting patent grants key process as well.

But at least project like freetype has taken the issue serous-ally and avoided the patent effected areas. Due to other parties inventing TTF.

Did MS invent much of what you stated no. So a patent grant from MS is not critical.

Basically stop trying smoke and mirrors. Wake up to where you are sitting.

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