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General Development The name Fabrice Bellard may not be recognizable to a lot of people, but the work he carries out as a programmer and computer scientist is. . . . He is a very talented programmer, and his latest project demonstrates once again just how talented he is. Using the super-fast JavaScript engines that now come as standard in popular web browsers, he has managed to create a PC emulator that runs in a browser. As a demonstration he has posted a link to a version of the Linux kernel running in such a scenario.
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RE: Purpose?
by Ventajou on Thu 19th May 2011 00:41 UTC in reply to "Purpose?"
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The purpose of the PC emulator in JS is just fun for the developer. Just like running linux on a console.

However there is a purpose in using JS for "desktop" applications, particularly in the enterprise. I don't care for Google or MS having control of all my documents but if your server is within your own datacenter, a web app has several advantages over a desktop app:

- No distribution: PCs come with a browser, just put a link to your web app on your intranet and all of your employees can use it, regardless of what computer they're on. Heck they might even be able to use it from home.

- Easy to back up data: assuming it's an app that saves files, those are now saved in a central location on a server which can be backed up regularly and more easily than a bunch of PCs.

- Multiplatform: your web app will run on Windows, Mac or Linux and maybe even on mobile devices if done well. And again you don't need management software to handle all of those platforms.

Javascript is quite a pain to use for large projects though that's why Google came up with GWT. I personally like to use Script# but that's not for everyone. What would be awesome is something like Silverlight has but standard across browsers: a bytecode VM so that developers could use their language of choice. But that's just me dreaming.

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