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Intel Intel has showed a prototype smartphone based on its low-power Medfield processor and said Intel-based phones from "major players" would be in the market next year. Intel has struggled to get its chips into smartphones and tablets, markets that are dominated today by processor designs from Intel's U.K. rival ARM Holdings.
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RE[4]: To Little - To late
by vodoomoth on Thu 19th May 2011 13:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: To Little - To late"
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And yet these new machines are just as slow as a dead snail.

Don't worry, software makers are very talented in wasting CPU power. I keep asking myself what could justify the fact that a dual core Vista machine is three times slower booting than my 1998 Olivetti laptop running Windows 95. USB? Bluetooth? the wide screen ratio? or the shrinking feature added to the task tray? or maybe support for HDMI, SATA and whatnot?

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