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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Are Microsoft, Apple and Google quietly preparing for war with mobile carriers? I think so. With all the advancements in mobile phones in the past 10 years, the part that’s been woefully slow to advance is the phone part. Making calls, placing calls, searching for signal and scrimping minutes hasn’t changed much since the phone came out, because carriers have little motivation for innovation.
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I don't believe, because...
by _QJ_ on Thu 19th May 2011 14:16 UTC
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First, GSM is a standardized norm.
This norm has been adopted almost World Wide by carriers.
2G, 3G, 3GP, 4G, etc cannot move as fast as IT. retro-compatibility is very important.

You don't want go to Safari in Kenya with your brand new smartphone and don't be able to place a single call. You will be angry if your phone works perfectly in London but not in Manchester, etc.

Second, investments are very huge in term of facilities. Plus, carriers pay very high price to get a radio license in some countries.

Third, to bring high-speed IP, the carriers must now invest in WAN networks (placing WAN Fibers, High-end routers, redundancy, etc, etc). In bancking/stock markets crisis time, it is not as easy as a snap.

So, my point of view is that take over the job's carriers will not be as easy as you thing.

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