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Privacy, Security, Encryption Sony just restarted its Playstation Network, after the massive security fail dismissed as a 'hiccup' by Sony CEO Howard Stringer. Well, the PSN has barely been up two days, and a massive security oversight has already been discovered. Yes, Sony just got Sony'd. Again. Unbelievable.
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RE: I must be missing something
by umccullough on Thu 19th May 2011 15:45 UTC in reply to "I must be missing something"
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nobody, either inside OR OUTSIDE of Sony, stopped to question that the only two pieces of information required were just handed over to hackers a few weeks ago?

So, somebody please help me out... what piece of this puzzle am I missing? And if what I just described is exactly what happened, why is Sony portrayed as idiots, if nobody else caught on to it either until today?

Well actually, lots of people outside Sony *did* realize this, which is why the linked blogpost had been telling people to create a new email address immediately after resetting the password.

But the real news hit when Sony removed the service again and people starting asking why.

Unfortunately, I would guess that the majority of people using PSN are either 1) kids who don't know any better or 2) 20-30-somethings who sit around all day playing games and could give a shit less about security.

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