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Privacy, Security, Encryption "A little over two weeks have passed since the appearance of MAC Defender, the fake AV solution targeting Mac users. And seeing that the approach had considerable success, it can hardly come as a surprise that attackers chose to replicate it. This time, the name of the rogue AV is Mac Protector, and the downloaded Trojan contains two additional packages. As with MAC Defender, the application requires root privileges to get installed, so the user is asked to enter the password."
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RE[3]: We told you so
by Kivada on Thu 19th May 2011 15:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: We told you so"
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And yet most of the holes aren't related to Apple software, but Adobe's piles of crap that are forced upon the computing world.

Size of target has nothing to do with value of target.

And before you cite the pwn2own contests, look again at what hoops they make them go through on the Mac to open up an attack vector and that the Mac has a far higher resale value then the generic PCs they put up. Mabe if they offered something of value, like a decent Toughbook or maybe something from Sager/Clevo or BoxxTech you'd see a change in what was targeted first.

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