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Privacy, Security, Encryption "A little over two weeks have passed since the appearance of MAC Defender, the fake AV solution targeting Mac users. And seeing that the approach had considerable success, it can hardly come as a surprise that attackers chose to replicate it. This time, the name of the rogue AV is Mac Protector, and the downloaded Trojan contains two additional packages. As with MAC Defender, the application requires root privileges to get installed, so the user is asked to enter the password."
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RE[4]: Can't get excited
by WereCatf on Thu 19th May 2011 16:43 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Can't get excited"
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Happy to see that I'm not alone wanting OSs to work that way ;)

I've been thinking for years of how I would write my own OS if I ever did one, and strong security from bottom up is one of those features I'd like to implement ;) I've got lots of ideas, both security-related and non-security-related, but even writing down all the aforementioned ones would be way too much to fit inside an OSNews comment form :/

Though I would rather not incorporate the privileged/nonprivileged status of API calls at the function name level on my side. There would just be a set of default privileges, like "Accessing ~/.%APPNAME%" on an unice, that would be granted to everyone and would be well-documented in the API doc.

The reason why I'd separate them is exactly because of this thing you mentioned: non-privileged calls would only have access to your files, ie. ~./*, and trying to open anything outside of your files would immediately generate a warning and you'd need to use privileged calls for that. It would allow for slightly more fine-grained control, plus it would allow for more fine-grained status messages, both to the system and to user. And it would force developers to pay a little bit more attention to what they're doing themselves, which is only a good thing; just get a handful of Windows apps and there's bound to be some examples of what I mean.

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