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Gnome Something's - once again - brewing within the GNOME project. While a mere suggestion for now, and by no means any form of official policy, influential voices within the GNOME project are arguing that GNOME should become a full-fledged Linux-based operating system, and that the desktop environment should drop support for other operating systems such as Solaris and the BSDs. I have a feeling this isn't going to go down well with many of our readers.
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This would be a good idea
by porcel on Thu 19th May 2011 20:55 UTC
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It´s about freaking time. The people who write the code get to decide. Gnome and KDE are full of workarounds to make sure that things continue to work on a huge number of platforms that no one really uses.

How many number of OpenBSD users use it as their desktop OS? I know some that build firewalls or file servers with it, none that use it as their workstation. For that they use Linux or OS X.

Tighter integration, simpler code are all good things in my book. This is not to say that people from other platforms should not be taken into consideration, but their opinions are relevant only if they are backed up by working code that is clean and integrates well with Gnome.

And if you don´t like where Gnome or KDE are going, you can always fork it. If you have enough developers and users, it should work, but the truth is that those users and developers are almost non-existant outside of Linux

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