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Apple Well, this will come as no surprise to OSNews readers, but as outlined in a recent BBC documentary, UK neuroscientists have studied brain scans of hard-core Apple fans and have found that their mental reactions to Apple imagery are quite similar to scans of religious devotees' brains when shown images of their iconography. The DigitalTrends article summarizing the finding singles out Apple users, but I think we all know that, RDF aside, this is not an Apple-only phenomenon.
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but when Netflix for Android comes out supporting like six phones (including the Droid Incredible, but NOT the Incredible 2) and they still insist that fragmentation on Android doesn't exist/isn't a problem, you have to wonder what Kool-Aid they've been drinking.

That is hardly the fault of android. Netflix only supports those phones due to the paranoia of the mpaa and their ilk. The qualcomm chips have a drm module that netflix needs. The program is perfectly capable of running on ther devices.

However, regarding fragmentation ...
Yes, there is fragmentation, as a consequence of choice and variety which far better than the monolithic iphone or the (practically) WP7 clones.

Since when have we expected pcs or even macintoshes been expected to homogeneously run any piece of software equally? it would be pretty boring and this site would have absolutely no reason to exist.

Fragmentation is only a major problem if you choose to view it as such.

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