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Apple Well, this will come as no surprise to OSNews readers, but as outlined in a recent BBC documentary, UK neuroscientists have studied brain scans of hard-core Apple fans and have found that their mental reactions to Apple imagery are quite similar to scans of religious devotees' brains when shown images of their iconography. The DigitalTrends article summarizing the finding singles out Apple users, but I think we all know that, RDF aside, this is not an Apple-only phenomenon.
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Atheism is that the person believes that there are NO supernatural forces whatsoever, agnostism is that the person doesn't currently believe in any specific supernatural force but doesn't deny the possibility of such existing. I don't see how you can be "between those two" because they're quite clear about the distinction and are mutually exclusive.

I personally am agnostic: I don't believe in any specific supernatural being or force, ghosts, spirits or anything the like, but I don't deny the possibility of such existing even without my knowledge of them.

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