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Privacy, Security, Encryption "A little over two weeks have passed since the appearance of MAC Defender, the fake AV solution targeting Mac users. And seeing that the approach had considerable success, it can hardly come as a surprise that attackers chose to replicate it. This time, the name of the rogue AV is Mac Protector, and the downloaded Trojan contains two additional packages. As with MAC Defender, the application requires root privileges to get installed, so the user is asked to enter the password."
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RE[2]: We told you so
by pantheraleo on Fri 20th May 2011 14:06 UTC in reply to "RE: We told you so"
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Mac users are more savvy and don't tend to get caught up in dumb phishing or fake av traps.

Actually, according to more than one security research firm, Mac users are MORE likely to fall for phishing traps than Windows users are. The reason is because Windows users are well aware of these threats and that they need to watch out for them. Mac users, on the other hand, have largely bought into the Apple propaganda and such that their systems are immune from vulnerabilities. And the average Mac user lumps phishing traps right in with viruses and malware, believing their Macs to be immune to phishing traps.

So basically, the average Mac user is more likely to fall for a phishing trap because the average Mac user doesn't even know what a phishing trap is. Hardly what I would call more technically savvy than Windows users.

It also doesn't help that Safari and Apple's are about the worst on the market when it comes to detecting phishing traps and providing the users with any kind of warning if something looks suspicious. So Mac users just go along fat, dumb, and happy, unaware of the threats to their systems. And because of that, they are more likely to fall for those threats.

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