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Gnome Something's - once again - brewing within the GNOME project. While a mere suggestion for now, and by no means any form of official policy, influential voices within the GNOME project are arguing that GNOME should become a full-fledged Linux-based operating system, and that the desktop environment should drop support for other operating systems such as Solaris and the BSDs. I have a feeling this isn't going to go down well with many of our readers.
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Abstraction layers are not the answer
by lindkvis on Fri 20th May 2011 15:46 UTC
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And I'd suggest that if you really think that Abstraction layers will solve all the problems of multiple platforms, you are not a developer.

1. Someone needs to devote a lot of time in developing an abstraction layer, when they could have been spending that time developing cool applications and features.

2. Abstraction layers are by their very nature a case of least common denominator. Yes, you can implement optional pluggable features, but that just reinforces point 1.

If GNOME developers want to spend their time creating cool stuff rather than supporting minuscule platforms, that is their choice. The developers on those platforms can port the software if they wish and exist. It is after all, open/free software.

The reality is that GNOME/KDE/E17/XFCE/whatever all have a large group of whiners, but very few actual, productive developers.

So before you whine about this, you really ought to fulfil these two requirements:
1. You actually USE one of these platforms. I suspect a quite a few whiners don't.
2. You understand the process of software development and the time added to your process by supporting multiple platforms. HINT: it is not free. It isn't even cheap.

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