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Apple I have personally tried to pretty much let the whole MAC Defender trojan thing pass by, since we're not a security website. However, we have an interesting turn of events this week. An article over at Ars Technica quotes several anonymous Apple Store employees as saying that the infection rate of Macs brought into the Apple store has gone up considerably. More interestingly though, Apple's official policy states that Apple Store employees are not allowed to talk about infections to anyone - they're not even allowed to inform Mac owners if they find the infection without the customer's knowledge. Another interesting tidbit: Apple mandates the use of Norton Antivirus on company Macs, according to one Apple Store genius.
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RE: Patch the User
by darknexus on Fri 20th May 2011 22:51 UTC in reply to "Patch the User"
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Apple are right not to remove this for them because of user objections.

Quite right, you should never remove something without asking no matter what it is. But to not even be allowed to mention that they found it and actually ask that question is inexcusable. If you tell the user what it is and they throw a fit, then by all means let them lie in their own soiled bed. However, on the flip side, if you *do* find something like this and do not tell a user and they find out later, you could be in for just as much of a trouble spot as if you removed something without their consent. You see, when someone doesn't fix something even though they're being paid to do so... that means they aren't doing their job, at least in my mind. Essentially what Apple has done is protected the geniuses (most of whom are anything but, by the way) from reprisal by people who might actually have a clue. Then again, I suppose the people who actually understand this stuff don't take their machines into the geniuses in the first place, and probably didn't even fall for this trojan to begin with.

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