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Apple Mac sales in the enterprise during Apple's last fiscal quarter grew a whopping 66 percent, significantly outpacing the rest of the PC market, which grew just 4.5 percent in the enterprise. The data from Apple's previous fiscal quarter was highlighted on Friday by analyst Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company. He said though he originally viewed success in the enterprise as a "one-quarter blip," it now appears to be a "durable platform" for Apple.
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I am one
by ricegf on Sun 22nd May 2011 11:28 UTC
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How timely - I received a Mac laptop at my (Fortune 500) corporation a few weeks back as part of a corporate-wide pilot.

Despite some struggles with the Storage Array Network (which uses Windows-proprietary tech), it seems to work rather well - I hadn't used a Mac significantly since MacOS 2 back in the late 1980's, and Apple has evolved nicely. No Windows VM - the intent is to do *everything* on OS/X, or go back to the standard Windows 7 machine - I'm still undecided. Though not a Mac fanatic, I can see why some folk are.

I'm also part of a Linux pilot that targets the software development community (different network) - same SAN issues, plus the expected OOo / Office and Outlook compatibility problems, but here we have a Windows VM to work around them. The benefit is gut-wrenching speed - some of our apps run an order of magnitude faster under Linux on the same hardware, and when a run in measured in hours, that's huge.

I suppose the biggest realization is that many users no longer need Windows as their primary corporate desktop. It's an opening for alternatives - and the loss of mono-culture is almost certainly a plus from the malware / security perspective.

And for a geek like me, I'm just happy to see some variety for a change! :-D

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