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Hardware, Embedded Systems Having read the feedback resulting from my previous post on interrupts (itself resulting from an earlier OSnews Asks item on the subject), I've had a look at the way interrupts work on PowerPC v2.02, SPARC v9, Alpha and IA-64 (Itanium), and contribute this back to anyone who's interested (or willing to report any blatant flaw found in my posts). I've also tried to rework a bit my interrupt handling model to make it significantly clearer and have it look more like a design doc and less like a code draft.
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RE[3]: Locking benchmarks
by Alfman on Sun 22nd May 2011 22:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Locking benchmarks"
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One clairification...

My post may have given the impression that a thread is used for all syscalls, which is not the case, only for those which may block.

For example, linux sockets support non-blocking IO, which I make use of.

Linux file IO blocks, forcing me to use threads for those syscalls if I want to continue handling other requests asynchronously.

Here's an interesting link describing an attack against apache caused by the fact that it uses a thread per connection. IIS is not subject to the same attack because it's asynchronous.

It may not be a completely fair comparison, but then it does suggest something about the scalability of each approach.

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