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Hardware, Embedded Systems Having read the feedback resulting from my previous post on interrupts (itself resulting from an earlier OSnews Asks item on the subject), I've had a look at the way interrupts work on PowerPC v2.02, SPARC v9, Alpha and IA-64 (Itanium), and contribute this back to anyone who's interested (or willing to report any blatant flaw found in my posts). I've also tried to rework a bit my interrupt handling model to make it significantly clearer and have it look more like a design doc and less like a code draft.
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When I saw your operating system articles, I thought they were the norm for OSNews, and I was intrigued by it.

Ah, these articles ;) I still have the architecture&implementation parts on my to-do list, you know, though I've been a bit too busy to do that recently and only now start to get some spare conscious time again.

But honestly, the non-technical media hypefest going on here seems to be as bad as other sites. The technical articles like this don't even generate much interest (no offense). It's over people's heads here.

Well, let's put it this way : I see OSnews as not being strictly about the gory details of OS internals. Some people just come here to read about the evolution of existing OSs and the ecosystems around them.

It's like car magazines : some people who read them are actual car mechanics who could put a car together from spare parts if they had to, but most people read them simply to learn about new cars and things which car mechanics can do for them.

I'm just looking for some place to fit in better. I have the same problem in my offline life - I don't know people with my interests. I can't even find a relevant job to apply my skills in. Employers seem to be judging my past employers and connections (who are not impressive) instead of my personal abilities (which I think are well above the curve).

If you want something more OS development-specific, I highly recommend OSdev's forum ( ). The bulk of the traffic is about people having implementation issues, in the slightly misnomed "OS development" subforum, but there are also regularly more interesting theoretical discussions in the "OS Design&Theory" and "General Programming" forums.

You may prefer like me the constructed, easy on the eyes articles of blogs to forums for daily viewing, but except for OS designer's blogs like mine, which tend to have low and irregular publishing rates, I don't know of any blog specifically targeting this subject.

Do either of you feel totally under-appreciated?

Well, looking how much hits my blog gets each time I publish something about it on OSnews... No. (see ) I don't feel like articles on the subject are under-appreciated.

I just wish I had a more regular subscriber audience, but I guess this is not going to happen, at least until I have something more tasty for normal people than kernel internals to write about (like, you know, this resolution-independent and resizing-friendly tiling GUI which I care so much about).

Edit: Well, my topic seems a bit ironic now, but I'll leave it!

The current version of OSnews doesn't allow you to change it anyway =p

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